Cove Catering

Government Catering

Cove Catering works with a number of clients in the government sector, at local, State and Federal level.

With our background in the film and TV industry and in the mining industry, the team at Cove Catering is used to working with demanding catering requirements and on tight time schedules.

We focus on providing great quality, healthy food and we offer a turnkey packaged catering solution where we look after all aspects of catering for your department, whether onsite or offsite.

  • Local, State and Federal government catering experience
  • Turnkey packaged catering solution
  • Pre-cooked meal options
  • Quality, healthy, nutritious food

Kester Biggs - Queensland Drilling Services

With a cucumber costing $4.22 in Roma last week and up to $500 a day for a chef, two of the biggest costs in catering in remote locations are staff and food.  By using Cove Catering's pre-cooked meals we will be cutting the cost of labour and food by a staggering 32%.

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